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Our Best Happy Hour Yet

A few weeks ago we set out to make NYC's best happy hour. And after a week or so of combing the internet and talking to anyone who was willing, it looked like we needed three things:

1. A bonkers deal on beer.

2. A couple of other drinks that our non-beer-drinkers could fall in love with.

3. A truly delicious snack that a group of friends could all dig into.

And our happy hour was born! It ended up being something that belonged more in a college town than a big city but we've always leaned into nostalgia. So come by, kick back, and enjoy this happy hour. It's available 4pm-7pm any day of the week.

Looking forward to seeing y'all soon! And, as always, feel free to respond to this email with any ideas or questions–it looks fancy but it just goes to my inbox.