About Us

In 1996 the Grey Dog coffeehouse was created. She was named after Moose and Goose, our two labrador retrievers, one white the other black. The goal was to build a small coffeehouse in the world’s great city. We wanted to concentrate on little things that often get lost in big city life, like getting to know the names of our patrons and serving wonderful fresh foods at very reasonable prices.

We hoped the neighborhood would grow to trust us and make our dining room an extension of their homes Most importantly, we would forever devote ourselves to being present and available to our staff and customers at all times.

Years later, it’s hard to tell whether we are popular or it’s the same hundred or so people coming into the Grey Dog two or three times a day. Regardless, this much is true: today there are three little coffeehouses in the heart of New York City, and we love our neighbors very much. Everyday you come to drink our brew, sit in our shade and fill your bellies with our fare… And the dog is happy.

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